Mum With Screaming Toddler Cries After SIA Stewardess Tells Her: "You did a great job"

Singaporean air stewardess Jolene Shen reminds us all why travelling with your child as a lone parent can be especially stressful.

While on board a Singapore Airlines flight, she witnessed a mother with a crying toddler break down in tears after she told the mother that she was doing a great job with her child.

In a Facebook post on Sep 27, Jolene highlighted the struggles that parents have to go through when they travel alone with young children. The post has since garnered over 600 reactions and 140 shares.

She wrote: "Yesterday, upon landing, there was a toddler of 19 months squirming in her mother's lap and as she was buckled up for landing, she began to cry and scream in earnest."

The mother was travelling alone with the toddler. She tried her best to console the child and whispered softly to the toddler. However, according to Jolene, the child was "beyond consoling and wanted to be freed".

Jolene had great admiration for the mother's patience and went to the mother and told her, "You did a great job."

The mother then began crying because "of her words or from the relief that the flight was over".

"I felt tears rushing to my eyes because as a mother myself, I knew exactly how she felt."

Other Facebook users shared similar sentiments as well.

Some even gave suggestions on how to ease children's discomfort on board the plane.

Jolene also expressed her gratitude that everyone on board was extremely understanding and "no one gave (the mother) dirty looks".

She concluded in the Facebook post by encouraging the public to be more supportive adding, "Be it a kind word of encouragement, or offering to hold the child for a few moments while the mother has her meal would be of great help to the mother."

When Stomp contacted Singapore Airlines, a spokesperson said, "We are aware that this incident happened on board a Singapore Airlines Sydney flight.

"Our cabin crew undergo extensive training on how to cater to different customer groups. Training equips our crew with skills to understand and meet the needs of a wide range of customers.

"We are pleased that our crew member was able to assist our customer on this occasion." (