Salesman at Bedok Mall Shouts at Woman, Then Uses Vulgarity and Gestures at Her

A salesman was recorded on camera shouting at a woman in Bedok Mall yesterday (Sep 16) at around 5.18pm.
Stomper AD was having dinner at the shopping centre when she came across what happened.

In the video she took, the salesman can be seen shouting loudly into the face of the woman who was dressed in white.

He used a vulgarity while raising his voice at her at the around the five-second mark of the video.

Another female was also at the scene. She looked to be trying to urge the woman to leave the area.

At around the thirty-second mark, the salesman can be heard shouting "you don't challenge me, you just get out of here" as he was pointing to the woman.

The latter then left thereafter.

AD thinks the salesman is between 20 to 30 years old based on his voice.

Judging from the video, he was promoting plastic containers at what looked to be a fare for household items.

We does not know what happened before the video, but felt the man should not be behaving this way as a salesperson. (