Auntie's face left bleeding from fight after removing spectator's chair during getai performance
Two aunties got into a fight after one allegedly removed the other’s seat close to the end of a getai performance at a temple along Arumugam Road.

The incident happened on Sept 3, at around 10.15pm.

When Lianhe Wanbao rushed down to the scene, they found the auntie who removed the seat, bleeding from her face.

A 66-year-old witness told reporters that the spectator, another elderly woman in blue, had tugged at the auntie’s collar and the two got into a scuffle.

The witness, a regular at the getai shows, said that the fight had arisen when the auntie attempted to place the spectator’s chair back in a stack as the show was ending.

However, the spectator wanted to continue watching, and the two started fighting.

The witness added:

“The auntie’s intention to help show organisers clear up the chairs is good, but her attitude towards others was not.

“Many of the audiences could have been offended.”

A spokesman for the show reminded the public that matters like these should be resolved through discussions.

He said:

“The getai performances are meant for everyone to enjoy themselves, so let’s work together to maintain the order here.” (